Security Estate Property Search

Let us give you the advantage with your Security Estate Property Search.  SAHomeBuyers believes the buyer should enjoy the same professional assistance and legal support that a seller does. The biggest investment of your money and family life deserves to have a thorough security estate property search.

Security Estate Property Search

  • Our property search is independent and non biased. This means our security estate property search is all encompassing. We favour no particular estate, nor represent any seller. We access listed, developer and private property for sale. For you, the buyer this means a security property search that comprehensively covers the entire market.
  • Our security expert is not tied to any specific area as some estate agents are. Our property search will focus on ensuring you have reviewed all of the options so you can make the best decision best on all the facts.
  • Due to our industry standing and search strategies we can often access security estate property that an individual buyer could not
  • Our security estate property search is robust, thorough and leaves no stone unturned. It does not become a frustration and burden on your time. There is no need for you to internet search thousands of estate agents, nor wade through hundreds of pages in the weekend supplements. Let us do the hard work and save your energy for viewing properties that are suitable and pre-screened.
  • Buying into a security estate requires more research and due diligence than a free-standing property. When buying on a security estate you have to ‘screen’ the estate as well as the property. Important aspects such as the financial standing of the homeowners and the rules and regulations need to be taken into account.

Only a property buyers agent can do this for you!

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For the most extensive, non biased and “leave no stone unturned” Security Estate property search in Cape Town e-mail us here or telephone our area buyers consultant Marco Garuti on + 27 (0) 83 2658800