Property Buyers Consultant

The role of a property buyers’ consultant

Due to our very strong, local connections, we are able to provide our clients with extensive market knowledge, access to a wider network of properties and provide exceptional negotiation skills to deliver a great result.

For those buyers who have utilised the service of a property buyers consultant, purchasing a property without one is no longer an option. With all the benefits a property buyers consultant brings to the purchaser it is little wonder that in the United States over 50% of all property purchases involve their input. Buying a property is a massive investment of time and money and the repercussions of making the wrong decision are far reaching and often irreversible. Make sure you have a real estate professional by your side who knows the market, the pitfalls of property purchase and is focused on your needs alone.

A property buyers consultant works exclusively for the buyer

A property buyers’ consultant is a licensed real estate agent who works on behalf of property buyers. SAHomeBuyers, as an exclusive buyers’ consultancy acts only for the buyer. We do not list or sell property and consequently we deal with any Real Estate Agency and/or Private Seller without limitation or conflict of interest.

There are a number of security estates in Cape Town, each with its own merits and drawbacks. Security estates are often marketed on an exclusive agent basis, or by an agent living on the security estate. The advantage of this can indeed be there in-depth knowledge, but is this outweighed by any lack of impartiality or indeed provision of choice.
SAHomeBuyers have no allegiance to any particular security estate. As property buyers consultants we do not try and ‘sell you’ or ‘promote’ any particular security estate.  We uncover your needs, aspirations and desires and then find a security estate that best matches you. We leave no stone uncovered and can access all listed properties, private sellers and developers on your behalf.

Using a property buyers consultants addresses the imbalance in expert advice

We believe that buyers should benefit from sound professional support when making a purchasing decision. Keep in mind that the estate agent and the conveyencer act on behalf of the seller. Frankly, in ‘camp seller’ is the estate agent and the attorney, in ‘camp buyer’ it is often the case the buyer being left to their own devices.

Appointing us to act on your behalf ensures the most favourable terms are achieved, enabling you to buy with confidence and peace of mind.By knowing what to look for and what to ask, we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of rands in negotiating a more advantageous position, as well as preventing costly mistakes being made.

We use our professional knowledge, skills and contacts towards the location and presentation of Security Estate Properties, that are available to purchase, that meet the clients’ criteria and requirements. We provide an analysis of comparative sales of any property identified and an opinion as to the value of the property based on local knowledge, experience and statistical sales analysis and advise accordingly even if it means pointing out reasons ‘not to buy’.

  • We provide full disclosure of all research (positive and negative) on the property.
  • We negotiate for the best price and terms on behalf of our client, the buyer.
  • We provide and assist, if and when required, recommendations for the most competitive sources of finance and lending criteria.
  • We offer objective, independent, expert advice throughout the entire purchasing process.
  • Our inside knowledge of the Security Estates property market and expert negotiation skills helps ensure an astute investment.
  • We eliminate a lot of the emotional pressure.
  • We guarantee complete discretion and confidentiality.
  • Our strong industry networks, including those with area specialist selling agents, enables us to access property listings not always available to the general public.

Due to our very strong, local connections, we are able to provide our clients with extensive market knowledge, access to a wider network of properties and provide exceptional negotiation skills to deliver a great result.

Property buyers consultant services

We offer an extensive range of property consulting and research services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are seeking a home to live in, an investment property or commercial property, our role can vary from the initial research or legal assistance, right through to a comprehensive service of finding, researching and negotiating the property acquisition. From search to settlement, we coordinate the entire buying process for you including finding the best and most competitive finance package.

For your free and non-obligation consultation, contact Marco Garuti, our security estate  property expert and discover what a difference using a property buyers consultant can mean for you.

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