Estate Agents work for sellers

Fact – Estate Agents work for sellers not the buyer

Question – Do any of the below statements sound like the selling agent works for the buyer?

  • As sales professionals, estate agents know how to go about closing a property deal. A good estate agent will read the buying signal and ensure that an offer to purchase is signed as soon as possible.
  • Estate agents are in a better position to negotiate on your behalf because they are not emotionally involved in the transaction. They also know which information should legally be disclosed during negotiations and which information can be withheld.
  • In the end, it must be remembered that the estate agent is the expert, and therefore it would only be right to expect them to get more money for your home. (than selling privately)

Of course Not! But all of these quotes are taken from websites of estate agents!

Estate Agents work for sellers

Because estate agents work for sellers, you can view any website of an estate agent and you will find property for sale and indeed an explanation of why you are better to use their service (then others) for selling your property. But where can you find information that says you are better off to buy through them?

You can’t!!

Estate agents work for sellers

The reason is because estate agents work for sellers, they sell houses and the vast majority do it very well.

For buying a property speak to a buyers consultant and see what a difference they can make. It might just change the way you buy houses forever:

  • Comprehensive not biased search of all properties for sale both private and with all estate agents
  • Arranged and accompanied viewings that point out the good, bad and ugly
  • Expert guidance on offer to purchase documentation
  • The insider track for negotiating price and term and conditions
  • Full support even beyond you getting the keys

E-mail us or call us if you want to benefit from the expertise of a property buyers consultant and remember that estate agents work for sellers

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